Eight of the Best Reasons to Build a Custom Home

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Are you in the market for a new home? Have you explored neighborhoods, listings, real estate agents and more only to come up empty-handed?

Instead of dealing with the hassles of the current housing market, and settling for something you don’t absolutely love…have you thought about building?

Building your own custom home in the Indianapolis area not only allows you to have exactly what you want, where you want it, but also provides many benefits that last a lifetime including:

  1. Ability to Choose your Builder: Making the decision to build a custom home is HUGE, but you know what’s even bigger? Choosing a homebuilder. Think of the benefits! When you buy an existing home, you are at the mercy of the work from a previous builder and may have to renovate certain areas of your home. When you choose to build a home, you can choose the homebuilder that best aligns with your needs and bypasses all of that stress! This is your chance to design a beautiful home that fits your unique style and needs with a partner that you trust and best fits your communication style, aesthetic and vision.
  2. Future-Proof Planning: We don’t know what the future holds, but we can do our best to prepare for it! When you build a custom home, you are building a home for today and tomorrow. From growing families to aging in place, you have the opportunity to select your square footage, design your floorplan and implement other features that perfectly fit your family now and into the future.
  3. A Floorplan That Fits Your Lifestyle: Floorplans are different for everyone. Some people prefer one-story ranches, others see themselves in two-story colonials! The best part of the custom home building process is that YOU get to choose the type of home you want to spend your forever in! Make sure you communicate your vision to your builder, so you end up with EXACTLY what you want.
  4. Chance to Explore Your Personal Style: Your custom home is a space that represents YOU. Build an open-concept kitchen MADE for entertainment or create a gorgeous outdoor living space to spend the evenings. This is fantastic time to dive into your creativity to build something truly unique. A good builder will make sure to bring every aspect of your vision to life so you’re left with a gorgeous home that will leave you proud for years to come.
  5. Updated Appliances/Fixtures: What’s the most frustrating part about buying an existing home? Having to replace appliances down the road. When you build a home, EVERYTHING is new and up to date. Have you always envisioned a luxury spa-like bathroom to unwind in? Does the chef in your family need a culinary kitchen to try out new recipes? Fill your custom home with the exact, state-of-the-art appliances that will serve your family well for years to come!
  6. Lower Maintenance Costs: High-quality appliances and materials last for years. But if something were to break or needs to be repaired, many homebuilders offer warranties. White Oak Homes is proud to offer a leading, comprehensive warranty program that helps keep you protected.
  7. Lower Monthly Energy Bills: When you build a new custom home with White Oak, you are receiving an Energy Star efficient home. Your new windows, quality insulation, roofing and other building materials also help keep your home comfortable and running efficiently. Your custom home can make the earth a little greener AND keep a little more green in your wallet!
  8. Built Where You Want: You hear it all the time, “location, location, location.” When you build a custom home with White Oak Homes, you have the option to build on an existing lot, or we’ll help you find the picture-perfect place in Indianapolis and surrounding areas and near the school district, entertainment and community resources you desire.

Building a custom home is an adventure that will leave you with more than just a beautiful living space. Are you ready to create your own custom home? Say YES! To White Oak Homes and let us craft the perfect space that fits your lifestyle