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Room Additions

Has your family outgrown your home? Feeling a little cramped for space?

You don’t have to leave your beloved home behind and find something new! No matter their size or location, room additions increase the value of your home and provide a substantial return on investment. Whether you’ve always wanted a larger dining room or need to add an extra bedroom for guests, our experienced team of room addition contractors in Indianapolis can create a stunning new living space for your home that accommodates the changing needs of your family.

Why invest in a room addition?

A home addition is a cost-effective way to create additional living space and increase the amount of useable square footage on your property. Most homeowners start searching for their dream homes when they feel they’ve outgrown their current house, but the expenses and hassles of moving are monumental compared to the cost of a room addition. Investing in an addition allows you to tailor the new space to your exact needs and transform the overall look and feel of your home.

With help from the right remodeling company, a room addition will ensure your home is livable for years to come and perfectly designed for any future occupants. Our talented team of contractors know how to make the most out of any remaining space on your property without sacrificing functionality and style. We work diligently to ensure we stay within your town’s zoning restrictions and ordinances, and create the best plans for blending your addition in with the rest of your home. No matter the size of your project, our White Oak team would be honored to build you an affordable addition.

Our room addition services include:

Standard Additions

Thinking about adding an extra bedroom, half bathroom or entertainment space? Whatever your family needs next, we can bring your vision to life. When you trust White Oak with your room addition plans, we will blend your current home with the characteristics of the addition so you can feel as if the space was there when you first moved in!


If you need an extra central gathering place where you can enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the elements, a sunroom may be perfect for you. Like any other type of room addition, a sunroom can add to the value of your home and create a sense of added luxury to your space. If your home relies heavily on indoor lighting, a sunroom is a great way to incorporate more natural lighting into your home while adding the space you need.

Bump Outs

A little bit of thoughtfully designed extra space can add quite a bit to your home. A bump out is a type of minor home addition that can be added on to an existing area and is perfect for homeowners who do not have an extensive budget to work with. Whether you want to expand your bedroom to make room for a walk-in closet or add a dining nook to your kitchen, a bump out can add the exact amount of space you need.

Floor Additions

If you can’t build out, build up! It is possible to add a room addition in your Indianapolis home even if you don’t have the property space to add to the sides. Adding a second floor can almost double the square footage of your home, but requires careful planning and detailed considerations that are more expensive than traditional room addition costs.

Why White Oak?

We know room additions can seem daunting, which is why White Oak is committed to providing you with the best remodeling experience possible from start to finish. Our room addition and renovation team uses only the best supplies and materials for the job and has formed close relationships and partnerships with various manufacturers to ensure you get everything you want at an affordable price.

As a full-service company with years of experience, we include our clients in every step of the room addition process. From initial design ideas all the way through the final day of installation, we will communicate consistently and honestly with you so we deliver a final product that matches your vision and exceeds the unique needs of your Central Indiana home.